Splatoon 2’s first paid expansion announced

The series’ first real DLC is revealed.

Octo Expansion looks to be Splatoon 2‘s biggest addition yet. The DLC focuses on new character Agent 8, an Octoling who awakens in an underground facility. The expansion features a giant 80 mission single player campaign with all new puzzles and features as Agent 8 aims to unravel the mystery of her situation. Along with the campaign, Octolings will now be playable in the muliplayer modes of the game as well.

This is the first time the species has been playable in the series, after typically starring as the main antagonists.

The DLC arrives in Summer, and as a bonus players who prepurchase it can immediately gain new Octoling-themed gear in the game.

Today’s Nintendo Direct also detailed the next title update, Version 3.0, coming in April. The free update will bring over 100 new pieces of gear, three new stages (Camp Triggerfish,¬†Piranha Pit and Wahoo World) and a new highest rank available, Rank X.

Source: Nintendo

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

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