Activision’s Bobby Kotick helps send University of Michigan football team to France

Bobby Kotick is a notable alum of the University of Michigan, helping through donations and charity events. Last year he even co-honorary captained a game with Tom Brady. You know that guy, right? He’s the Madden dude.

Anyhoo. Bobby Kotick loves the University and its football team so much that he, along with investor and fellow alumnus Don Graham, contributed upwards of $800k together to help send the team to France recently. Coach Jim Harbaugh, of Saved By The Bell fame, takes players on a team trip each year for some lite practices and team bonding. Those experiences and memories, he says, will last longer than the memory of a loss or win.

While I’m a UofM fanatic, I’ve always felt like coaches should coach and win games, and not waste time and resources pulling off stunts. HOWEVER, as parent and a once graduate of college, I realize that coaches are more than just people with clipboards. Like teachers, they guide kids through important portions of their lives, and anything the students can learn and grow from, the better.

And heck, I’m not paying for it, so why should I care? But Bobby Kotick is.

Source: Detroit News

Images: Orlando Sentinel, Wikipedia

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

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