E3 2018: Super Smash Bros Ultimate brings every fighter together for the first time

During its E3 2018 Digital Event, Nintendo revealed the first information on Super Smash Bros..

For the first time, the game will bring together every fighter that’s ever been in a Smash Bros game. From the first Nintendo 64 adventure, to Super Smash bros for Wii U and 3DS, the entire roster is here. The company has streamlined the conditions for unlocking players along the way, as well, so there are no bizarre or lengthy waits to get Marth.

Here are some of the details on those characters, in bulleted form to make it easy to digest for ya:

  • Mario has Cappy, Wedding, and Builder outfits
  • Link can wear BOTW tunic, and his bombs are remotely detonated
  • Ice Climbers are back
  • Female version of Pikachu available with heart-shaped tail
  • Fox based on Star Fox Zero design
  • Ryu will always face his opponents in 1-on1 fights, like in the Street Fighter series
  • Samus can charge her blast mid jump
  • Zelda is more elegant and regal than in the past
  • The Pokemon Trainer returns, and can change Pokemon in battle without penalty (and players can also choose to be a female trainer)
  • There are eight versions of Villager
  • Wolf design based on Star Fox Zero
  • Kirby has a copy ability for every fighter
  • Mii Fighter proportions tweaked a bit
  • Palutena has a special attack for each move


Super Smash Bros Ultimate launches December 7, 2018

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

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