E3 2018: The newest Death Stranding gameplay trailer leaves us mystified

Listen, we’re going to be frank with you: we have no idea what’s going on in the latest trailer for Death Stranding.

That’s okay. We’re past the point of trying to understand what Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions is trying to do. What we *can* confirm is that the game looks expertly crafted. Norman Reedus looks like Norman Reedus, the audio is phenomenal, the environments immaculate, and the monsters — floating invisible things — are truly terrifying. And time manipulation plays an important part in the plot, too. Cool!

But then there’s a baby. A strange baby that Reedus’ Sam carries around with him like a human Pokemon in an embryonic sac that he may or may not have captured by throwing a ball at any one of the female characters in the video.

Kojima. Help us figure this out. Until then, though, we’re happy being in awe of whatever the fuck is going on here.

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

Dali is the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of SideQuesting, as well as the co-Founder of CarDesignFetish and the founder of MakLink. Dali is also a car designer, deejay, and introductory beer-brewer.

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