Intellivision makes a comeback with a new console

The new console will rely on a mix of nostalgia and modern tech.

The company was popular in the early Eighties for being one of the original console manufacturers before the video game crash, but failed to recover. Its name was used as branding for pop culture artifacts and game collections, but rarely anything more. With nostalgia for classic consoles and that era at a new high, thanks to films like Ready Player One and products like the NES Classic and new Atari console, the company has announced the Amico will be arriving to market on October 10, 2020 for between $149-$179.

You can’t survive on a name alone, so the company is trying to combine some classic themes with modern solutions. The product’s games will be download only, similar to other micro-consoles and media devices, and include HDMI and USB ports. Two controllers will be included, with color touch screens and simple round directional pads. Microphones, speakers and a few side buttons will also be on the gamepads, bringing a modern touch to the classic numerical pad design. The controllers will also wirelessly charge on top of the Amico, and if there are more players wanting to dive in then a phone app will be available.

Games are probably the most important factor with a new console, and the Amico is looking to mixing remade classics with new IP focused on family-friendly games. The current list includes a mashup of classics  like Astro Smash, Triple Action, Pong and more modern sequels, like ToeJam and Earl.

Check out the video above for some of the early product concept designs and thematic intent.

Source: Intellivision

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

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