The new Captain Marvel trailer pits Skrull vs Kree [Video]

Krees are a race of noble warrior heroes. At least, that’s what Brie Larson just told us.

The newest trailer for Captain Marvel is here, and it’s got the hype train started. In the film, the ancient space war targets Earth as its battleground. Marvel’s answer to Superman must make her way to our blue planet to save us, until she realizes that she has a past here. As the battleground looms, it’s up to Cap to end the war before it begins.

The trailers released have yet to really show anything out of the traditional/expected flavor of comic book movies, but even so the visuals look super nice and fiery. Cosmic Marvel is clearly at the forefront of the MCU right now.

Oh, and Cap’s cat is named GOOSE, which is a great Top Gun reference.

Captain Marvel arrives March 2019, and leads into Avengers 4.

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

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