Escape From New York reboot in the works from Saw creator

Get ready to escape from New York all over again, as a reboot of the classic 1981 apocalyptic sci-fi film is apparently in the works.

In a new report by The Hollywood Reporter, it was confirmed that Leigh Whannell – the co-creator of Saw – will be behind the pen for the upcoming reboot of Escape From New York. This marks Whannell’s second big project announced this week, as he will also be the man to write and direct the upcoming The Invisible Man film for Universal.

According to the report, Whannell will not be directing the reboot, but will just be writing it. Sources for The Hollywood Reporter note that while there is a chance that he could be asked to direct, there is currently no deal in place for Whannell to do so. Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman will be producing the film, with John Carpenter attached as an executive producer.

For those unaware, the original film was set in a future (1997) version of New York, where Manhattan had been turned into a maximum-security prison. When a flight carrying the President of the United States crashes in the city, it’s up to an outlaw to travel inside and rescue him. According to the report, Whannell’s vision for the reboot will retain elements of the original, but his focus is also to bring in new ideas.

Apparently, the aim for this reboot is to avoid the “bloated tentpole remake path” that has plagued other reboots of classic 1980s action movies such Robocop and Total Recall. Whannell’s last film, Upgrade, was a breath of fresh air in a crowded action genre, so there is some reason for optimism that he can handle the reboot of this classic film.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Author: Anthony Nash

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