Nintendo’s next LABO kit goes Virtual, Boy

Red filter not included.

Nintendo’s next LABO kit is a doozy. Already having created a giant wearable mech suit and a bunch of steering wheels and fishing rods, the company has decided to jump back into VR with its latest set. The Nintendo LABO VR Kit is the 4th in the series providing relatively easy cardboard DIY for families. Perhaps that jives best with VR, since Google already stormed the market with paper-based headsets.

The kit will let users create a variety of ways to enjoy Virtual Reality. From a simple headset (slide in the Switch and watch 3D videos) to a camera, gun, and AN ELEPHANT, there are potentially a lot of unique ways that kids can experience the technology. This could, potentially, lead to Nintendo experimenting more with VR if enough people get into the set, or it may just stealthily open the door for developers of VR games and software to get the experiences onto the Switch for the first time (albeit probably in extremely low res).

Either way, one of the VR cardboard builds is a bird’s ass that you stick your face into, so that’s pretty dope.

The Nintendo LABO VR Kit launches everywhere on April 12 in two flavors: with the googles and blaster, or with all six buildable experiences.

Source: Nintendo

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

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