The upcoming Doctor Who VR game, Edge of Time, will bring along old and new monsters

Daleks, Weeping Angels, Hydrorks — oh my!

The upcoming Doctor Who VR game, The Edge of Time, was announced a couple of months back, but now we’re getting some great behind-the-scenes diaries to showcase the process of developing the game.

Spearheaded by Maze Theory, the game will focus on Doctor 13 in a “feature length” adventure (read: probably around the length of a movie) as she faces off against some of the most famous and intriguing monsters in the Whoniverse.

The Daleks are a given; they’re the Doctor’s mortal enemies and seem to go wherever she or he does, so including them is a no-brainer. But the Weeping Angels provide an intriguing addition. In the canon of the series, the statue-like Angels only move and are dangerous when they’re not being looked at, sort of like a reverse Medusa, and the effect could be fairly fantastic (and perfect) in VR.

However, it’s the new monsters that have our ears perking up.

Sure, the Hydrorks are sort of fairly typical monster design, inside of Who and out, but the simple fact that they’re actually a new enemy, with the possibility to appear more often (if they’re handled correctly), could be a neat reason to engage with them. Doctor Who has been known recently to create an intriguing creature and then dump it before the next episode rolls around, but games have more of a longevity to creations, if they prove popular enough.

Whatever direction the narrative goes, it should be action-packed, as fitting all of the monsters in one feature length adventure game means a quick pace potentially full of things to do.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time arrives on PSVR and PC VR devices in September 2019.

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

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