Warframe quietly becomes one of the biggest games online with latest expansions

Wars in the stars, on planets, and with friends

Ask anyone who plays Warframe about Warframe, and they’ll tell you that a Warframe is massive. They’ll tell you about all of the intricacies of its modes, and the complexities of its canon. Then, they’ll wonder why you’ve never heard of it, or at least never played it.

The game, which is in essentially every major platform at this point, continues to grow and flourish, especially with the announcement of a slew of new modes and features at this weekend’s TennoCon, the 4th annual expo devoted to it.

The major focus was on Empyrean, the giant piece of DLC that brings new modes of space combat and co-op missions to the game. New trailers for other content dropped as well, such as The New War, the Duviri Paradox, and a new intro for the game by friend of SudeQuesting, Dan Trachtenberg. Hi Danny!

All of the content is due up for the next several months, so if you somehow *haven’t* played the game yet, now is probably a great time to give it a go.

Source: DigitalExtremes

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

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