PlayStation 5 coming Holiday 2020

Officially official.

Sony has officially announced the launch date for its next gen console: 2020’s Holiday season. The company revealed the news in a blog post following articles in Wired and other publications.

While details still remain a bit sparse, the post and articles mention some very important specifics.

First, the aforementioned SSD drive will be the backbone of the system, delivering speed unlike any console before it. This not only allows for speedier pull of data, but because of that speed there will not be a necessity to duplicate assets as much. Meaning that when a developer typically recreates trees or bushes or crates to fill out levels, it will be able to create less and let the system grab that data as a set piece. This will save on space both on the drive and on the 100GB disks, allowing for bigger worlds, in theory.

The console will also support ray-tracing at a GPU level, not just software.

A big focus of the PS5 will be its new controller, which features better audio, USB-C, haptics (pushing rumble to a deeper level), and programmable adaptive feedback in the L2 & R2 triggers. This will give developers access to the ability to change the tension and reaction of the buttons to better suit games — think: a sturdier acceleration pedal for different car types in Gran Turismo, or the ability to feel the way each weapon emits projectiles in Destiny.

There’s still a long way to go until next year’s holiday season launch, which (if it remains similar to the PS4 launch) could be upwards of 13 months. Either way, 2020 just got a whole lot more interesting with the volleys getting fast and furious between Microsoft and Sony.

Source: PlayStation, Wired

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

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