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SideQuesting is a website for gaming enthusiasts that bases itself not only on the games, but also the culture surrounding the players.  The website will often feature more personal articles based on aspects of the industry that our staff, friends, and families experience.  In essence we write about what we like, dislike, and endure when it comes to games.  And, as the daily rigors of life tend to send us onto tangents, so too does SideQuesting as articles will often take a look at adjacent industries — film, comics, geek culture — that appeal to our readership.

Essentially, we want to have conversations with our readers, and inform them of which games are worth their time.

We encourage original content, but will speak to news (on occasion) if we have something to specifically say that may interest our readership.  We encourage our staff to write often and seek opportunities whenever possible, often critiquing and editing each other’s work in hopes of cultivating and improving our skills.

We also have fantastic barbecue get-togethers.

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