SideQuesting is thankful to have ties in the art, music, and design worlds. Each month, we have asked our friends in these industries to recreate our logo in their visions. While our actual logo will stay the same, we think that you’ll enjoy seeing how others view our website, our community, and our passion through their eyes and hands. In return we will present their work for the entire month, and they’ll become our featured artists.

Stay tuned to this page as we update it each month with a new designer.

October 2011 – Justin Russo

SideQuesting Logo Design by Justin Russo

November 2011 – Christopher Majewski

SideQuesting Logo Design by Christopher Majewski

December 2011 – Kayleigh Doughty

SideQuesting logo design by Kayleigh Doughty

February 2012 – Anthony Spadaro

Spade logo by Tony Spadaro

October 2012 – Ioannis Siantos

Ioannis Siantos SQ logo

February 2013 – Arvind Ramkrishna

If you’d like to become a featured designer, feel free to contact us.