E3 Impressions: Bethesda

Since playing Fallout 3, I’ve become a fan of Bethesda’s work. The level of quality that they seek to master in each game that they produce has manifested in terrific, and epic, gaming experiences.

It was exciting for me to take a look at what they were showing at E3 this year, as I had high hopes for some of the games that they were working on — Wet comes to mind. I walked their booth not as a journalist (or rather, a wannabe journo) but as a gamer and fan.

First stop: Brink.


The SideQuest – Episode #110 – Summer of Sam (Houston)

Episode 110 brings us a fantastic interview with Sam Houston of GamerDNA, TweetMyGaming, and the Video Game Industry Twitter List. We talk a little about what we’ve been playing (yes, Dali DID buy Red Faction), Sam explains how GamerDNA has evolved over the last year, Dali fawns over TweetMyGaming, Mike talks social networking in games, and Ryan… Well, at least Yaniv wasn’t there.


The SideQuest Episode #109: The Band is Back Together

A truly awesome episode this week as the fearsome foursome is joined by one Mike McGarrigle, our latest contributor to the site. We talk about Red Faction: Guerilla, reviewing games, Red Faction: Guerilla, Ryan’s apparent computer problems, and Red Faction: Guerilla.