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What is the New 3DS? Nintendo announces updated handhelds with more control options and NFC

Lots of small changes to the 3DS add up to an evolutionary -- but needed -- revision.
by Dalibor Dimovski


The many challenges of NES Remix

NES Remix 2 arriving April 25th, GBA games making Virtual Console debut

Nintendo is set to teach a little history with NES Remix 2
by Andrew Tennison


Nintendo Direct Iwata

Nintendo announces a Valentine’s Day Direct for 3DS and Wii U games

Will the company announce more new games? Will we finally get Link to the Past in 3D?
by Dalibor Dimovski


Legend of Zelda WIi U demo

It’s not just when, it’s why: Nintendo updates users on Mario, Zelda, and classic franchises on Wii U

Like clockwork, Nintendo relies on its stalwart franchises. But never all at once.
by Dalibor Dimovski