Dystopia: Competition Entries – Gallery 7

Dystopia: Competition Entries – Gallery 7

Dave Heyne's Val-E Gurls Enforcement Car
Dave Heyne’s Val-E Gurls Enforcement Car

This is the final gallery of entries for our Dystopia vehicle design competition! The response has been incredible… our most-entered design contest yet! We’ll announce the winners on Friday evening, so keep checking back. Until then, enjoy the image above from David Heyne, as well as all of the images below! We’ll post the complete gallery over the weekend.

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All images copyright respective artists & designers.

Andrey Burkhanov's Construction-based Vehicle
Andrey Burkhanov’s Construction-based Vehicle


Ken Gibson's Road Tank
Ken Gibson’s Road Tank
Harnek singh Sehmi
Harnek singh Sehmi


Kuttalingam Dakshinamoorthy
Kuttalingam Dakshinamoorthy


Loic Lautredou, Everyday I'm Smuggling
Loic Lautredou, Everyday I’m Smuggling


Gareth Jones' Concept Vehicle
Gareth Jones’ Concept Vehicle


Gareth J. Stokes' Juggernaut
Gareth J. Stokes’ Juggernaut
Pious Guit's LHV
Pious Guit’s LHV


Gareth Owen's Concept
Gareth Owen’s Concept
Martin Blackburn's Race Buggy
Martin Blackburn’s Race Buggy


Ibrahim Yogurtcu's concept vehicle
Ibrahim Yogurtcu’s concept vehicle


Carlos F. Galvis' Fortresspike
Carlos F. Galvis’ Fortresspike


Varinder Pal Singh
Varinder Pal Singh


Oscar Carvajal's Buggy of Death
Oscar Carvajal’s Buggy of Death


Fernando Flores' Zeon
Fernando Flores’ Zeon
Daron Vorsganian's Zombie Slasher
Daron Vorsganian’s Zombie Slasher


Om Suthar's Land Rover-based Death Racer
Om Suthar’s Land Rover-based Death Racer


Luke Anthony's Raider Truck
Luke Anthony’s Raider Truck


Hector Correa Di Domenico's Modified Camaro
Hector Correa Di Domenico’s Modified Camaro


Team Danger's Satan's Toenail
Team Danger’s Satan’s Toenail


Mark Curella's MINI Zombie Slayer
Mark Curella’s MINI Zombie Slayer