Saturday Morning Cartoons: King of Fighters: Destiny

Saturday Morning Cartoons: King of Fighters: Destiny

The King of Fighters has been around for ages, with hundreds of thousands of fans of the fighting series diving into every iteration as it’s released. The IP has spawned toys, books, comics and movies, and now it’s trying something a little different with a web series.

The video shorts, titled King of Fighters: Destiny, have 14 episodes thus far. Using what looks like in-game visuals (read: not great for a CG work) the plot centers around the usual “fighters meet, fighters fight for a purpose” narrative that we’ve all come to expect from fighting game adaptations.

It’s not great. It’s barely decent, honestly, but if you’re a fan of the series there isn’t really any other option. While this isn’t nostalgia, per se, it still hits on a little bit of that classic early 90’s cartoon feel.

We’ve posted all of them here for your pleasure. Enjoy!

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