Saturday Morning Cartoons: Team Sonic Racing Overdrive

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Team Sonic Racing Overdrive

There’s at least one Sonic video that’s all right

Team Sonic Racing Overdrive, created by Sonic Mania cutscene animator Tyson Hesse in association with Neko Productions, has been smashed together into one video. The two-part series was a follow-up to the Sonic Mania Adventures series from last year, which served as a fantastic little sidebar to the enjoyable game.

This time around, in preparation for the upcoming release of Team Sonic Racing for modern consoles, the team has come together to create a racing-based animation.

The full 10 minute or so video is a neat clip, which makes us yearn for the Sonic cartoons of the past and not… the other thing.

Team Sonic Racing launches later this month.

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