The Legend of Zelda comes to Super Mario Maker 2

The Legend of Zelda comes to Super Mario Maker 2

Alongside new modes and features

This Thursday, Nintendo is surprise-dropping a brand new and chunky Super Mario Maker 2 update. The game has been sorely missing attention from the publisher since its release earlier this Summer, but now looks to finally have some new content to make jumping back in worthwhile.

Firstly, new Mii costumes arrive for users to show off in rankings. Spiky and P-Blocks arrive, and are even weather-themed in some cases. A new speedrun mode will players compete for the best times across Nintendo-developed stages, showing their run “ghosts” as Ninji characters.

But the big news is that the Legend of Zelda is coming to the game. Similar to how alternate characters appeared in the first Super Mario Maker, the change will only arrive in the 8-bit classic Mario themes. When Mario comes across the fabled Master Sword in the game, he’ll transform into Link. Wielding the sword, he can perform down thrusts, slashes and more attacks, block fireballs with his shield, launch arrows in three directions, and even throw bombs to clear paths.

All of this isn’t a brand new theme, something that players have been asking Nintendo for since the game’s release, but it could keep gamers busy through the holidays with some innovative new ways to design levels.