Nintendo and LEGO officially reveal Mario sets

Nintendo and LEGO officially reveal Mario sets

Interactive toys will let players live out Mario in real life

Have you ever wanted to build a Mario level? No, we don’t mean in Super Mario Maker… but in real life? That’s the premise behind the newly revealed LEGO sets between the toy company and Nintendo.

LEGO Super Mario won’t be a traditional LEGO set. Instead of a bag full of tiny pieces, the products will feature larger Mario characters and items that can be played with around a playset once it’s assembled. And, the entire thing will be interactive. Mario himself contains LCD screens and speakers that allow for sound effects, facial expressions, and even indications when he gets hurt or has a new task. As players hope Mario around and bounce on enemies, the plumber will rack up coins for high scores.

The sets will be released later this year. They’re geared towards kids and families, but who are we kidding: we adults arr going to gobble these up too.

Source: LEGO/Nintendo