LEGO Super Mario Starter Course preorders go live

LEGO Super Mario Starter Course preorders go live

New Piranha Plant and Bowser kits revealed

The LEGO Super Mario Bros kits are now starting preorders, LEGO & Nintendo have revealed. The scheduled arrival date is August 1st, 2020.

The Starter Course is the first to go up for sale, and features some of the basic elements of Mario’s world: mushrooms, goombas, pipes, flags, and a platforming-based environment. Mario himself has LCD panels in his eyes, mouth and belly that can change depending on the action, and he’s equipped with a gyroscope and accelerometer to measure his movement.

The kit retails for $59.99 on LEGO’s website.

Also revealed are a Piranha Plant slide section and a Bowser “boss battle,” both of which clip on to the Starter Course to extend the adventure. These are certainly more complex than standard LEGO sets, and focus on playing with the toys instead of just building them and dropping them on your shelf.

The pre-orders for the Starter Course are available now.

Source: LEGO