Colors Live for Switch announced on Kickstarter

Colors Live for Switch announced on Kickstarter

Includes novel new pressure-sensitive pen

As a person with an arts background, I’ve been in love with Collecting Smiles’ Colors! series of apps. While mostly on Nintendo platforms, the games did slide over to Android, iOS and even Vita at one point. In facet, Colors! 3D is still one of my favorite pieces of software on the 3DS, and one that I hop in and out of on long flights. There’s some magic in seeing the many layers of a sketch in 3D, getting them to pop off the screen.

But, since I don’t always like carrying around two gaming devices, the prospect of using Colors! just became easier. Creator Jens Andersson, of Yoku’s Island Express and The Darkness fame, has revealed a brand new iteration, titled Colors Live!, and it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Like its predecessors, Colors Live! will bring art tools to a gaming device, with features typically found in much more expensive and higher-end apps, and allow users to upload and share them to galleries. This time, the app also includes pressure sensitivity in the form of a pen attachment. Utilizing sound, the “sonar pen” will give several layers of sensitivity to the app, so that the harder one pushes the more accurate the pen and brush strokes become. But wait, there’s more: Typically apps like this, though often fun to muck around with, carry a slight barrier for those that may not have an art background already. Live! will now include a “game” mode that provides sketching challenges as players progress, doing a bit of both teaching and play. Art Edutainment, if you will.

Colors Live! is currently on Kickstarter, and though it’s surpassed its initial $15k funding goal, it’s opened more stretch goals to add additional features, like brush sets and layer management, with more on the way. It has a planned release this Summer for the US/Europe and Fall/Winter for Japan.

Source: Kickstarter