Sony announces State of Play for Thursday

Sony announces State of Play for Thursday

To focus on PS4 & PSVR games coming this year, and a few PS5 indie game updates

While we’re all in for the PS5 right now, some folks may not be jumping into the next gen just yet. That’s why Sony has announced a 40-minute State of Play stream to take place on Thursday, August 6.

The focus will be on PS4 and PSVR games, with a few updates on third party PS5 & indie efforts. Sony wants people to know that THERE WILL NOT BE FIRST PARTY PS5 DETAILS and certainly nothing hardware-related. This is just games by third parties for the OG crowd.

We repeat, hopes should not be up. Just watch if you want to know what you might be playing before the PS5 launches. Watch the stream on Twitch and YouTube.

Source: PlayStation