Monster Hunter Rise announced for Switch

Monster Hunter Rise announced for Switch

New Monster Hunter game announced for Nintendo’s platform

Nintendo and Capcom have revealed an all new entry in the Monster Hunter series coming to Nintendo’s Switch. Monster Hunter Rise is the next mainline entry, and will follow up on the innovations of Monster Hunter World and the prior Generations games.

In Rise, players will head to Kamura Village and the hunting grounds of the Shrine Ruins as they tackle old and new monsters. Vertical movement takes precedence as well, as a special “wirebug” grappling line mechanism will let adventurers scale walls, canyons, and cliffs for expanded play areas. Palicos return as support characters, but new Palamutes are revealed as hunting partners, and “Canynes” are rideable mounts.

Players will be able to tackle the missions in local or online co-op for up to four. The game’s solo campaign is set around the mystery of the recent monster “Rampages” that plague the town, as well as the many new monster such as the game’s flagship Magnamalo.

The game will also be compatible with three new MonHun amiibo. Monster Hunter Rise will exclusively hit the Switch on March 26, 2021.