Square Enix is producing a Final Fantasy IX animated series

Square Enix is producing a Final Fantasy IX animated series

The fantasy is finally back in scripted form

Zidane, Garnet, Vivi and their friends and enemies are on their way back to our screens. Square Enix has commissioned Paris-based Cyber Group Studios to help it create an animated series based on Final Fantasy IX. The game was a return to the series’s more fantasy-based roots, and featured crystals, mages, and classic monsters in a more traditional plot (thief kidnaps princess for ransom, ends up befriending her to save the world).

The show will seemingly follow that plot. Geared towards the 8-13 year old range, Cyber Group is aiming for a specific kids demographic, so don’t expect some of the harder psychology and philosophy that snuck into the actual game. This is for your little brother (or niece and nephew). Production is due to start at the end of 2021/start of 2022. The production house is currently shopping it to various networks.

The game fits as an animated series, to be honest. From the chunkier proportions, to the extremely vivid imagery and design, the game will not need too much work to cross over, and its simpler plot may be perfect for the age range while still hitting some of the nostalgia buttons for us older gamers.

Source: Kidscreen