FAR: Changing Tides brings us to a watery world

FAR: Changing Tides brings us to a watery world

Players will once again pilot a mysterious ship to try and survive

The original FAR: Lone Sails game had players traverse a stunning hand-painted world on a land-faring vessel, piloting the vehicle over barren wastelands and dried-out sea beds to find their people. Now, the developers of the game, Okomotive, have announced a new game in that universe.

FAR: Changing Tides follows a similar post-apocalyptic formula to the first game, but this time they’ll actually be floating through wet oceans instead of dried out ones. The sidescrolling adventure stars protagonist Toe, who awakens in the middle of the world with nothing but access to a sailing vessel. Through puzzles and platforming, Toe will unravel the mystery of the world, and build up their ship in the process.

Once again the game features hand painted 2D artwork, but now more of an emphasis will take place both above and below the surface of the water. This will open up the puzzles and offer more vertical motion, as swimming and climbing will be key to survival and discovery.

It’s refreshing to see a different take on the post-apocalypse. There are no zombies here, and no roving bands of marauders looking for loot. Instead it’s a lone survivor and their ship against the elements and the flooded world. It may feel lonely at times, but that’s part of the intriguing thematic purpose.

FAR: Changing Tides launches on Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, and Switch later in 2021.