Delay Season Episode 4238: Marvel moves out of Spring

Delay Season Episode 4238: Marvel moves out of Spring

SPRING has sprung, and games are FALLing past SUMMER

With so many games moving out of the current quarter (Oct-Dec) and into Q1 of 2022, it was inevitable that games from that timeframe were going to slip out.

The recent release of Guardians of the Galaxy put people on a bit of a Marvel high, with the next major game release (sorry, Avengers DLC) being the turn based card tactical game Midnight Suns. Now, that game is getting pushed back out of its March date and into the second half of 2022. Firaxis, the game’s developer, noted the need to polish up the game further as the reasoning behind the delay.

EA’s return to the PGA links won’t be happening before the golf season kicks off. Originally set to return Spring 2022, the game will now arrive at a later, undisclosed date. EA acquired a license to use the PGA Tour name on its golf games, which hadn’t been a big factor since the Tiger Woods days. 2K Games also has a PGA named product, PGA 2K. There’s no word on a release date for that game either.

Finally, those hoping to jump into more Shovel Knight fun will need to wait a bit longer. Shovel Knight Dig, a puzzle themed iteration of the series, didn’t quite have a release date announced, though 2021 seemed to be what the studio was aiming for. In a new update on their blog, they announced a 2022 date, though nothing firm.