Secret Lab and Pokémon collaborating on limited edition chairs

Secret Lab and Pokémon collaborating on limited edition chairs

Choose your (butt’s) starter

Secret Lab is no stranger to collaborating with gaming and geek properties on seating designs. It’s a relatively new idea — emblazon a seat with a video game character, and sell to a bunch of people who want to be further connected to their favorites.

Now, the company has announced that it’s working with the Pokémon Company on a limited edition run of seats featuring two of its most popular monsters. Potential buyers are being asked to “register interest” for the two chair designs. One design features Pikachu, utilizing a large embroidered image of the electric squirrel on the front, yellow stripes on the bolsters, and Pikachu’s butt on the back. A couple of Pokeballs adorn details on the upper shoulders.

The second iteration features Charizard, and drops their likeness over Pikachu’s. The bolster stripes are orange in this version. There are other details galore, but our favorite might be the black-on-black stitching on the bolster stripes bearing the pokemon’s likeness.

There’s no Western release date at the moment, but the landing page is giving us a little more hope for the future.

Source: Secret Lab