Tuesday trailers: Resident Evil, Sandman, and more scare us up a bit

Tuesday trailers: Resident Evil, Sandman, and more scare us up a bit

Streaming and movies round out our Summer plans

Netflix is hosting its Geeked Week, debuting news and trailers for a bunch of shows and projects, but a couple of them have definitely piqued our interest. The first is a new trailer for the upcoming, unexpected Resident Evil series. The show is set in two timelines, happening both right after the games and then in 2036 when zombies seem to flare up all over again. Oh, Umbrella Corp!

Resident Evil hits Netflix on July 14.

Meanwhile, Neil Gaiman’s SANDMAN is on the way, and has debuted its first teaser/release date trailer. It really is the show we’re probably most excited about, as we’ll follow Dream on the journey to understand why The Dreaming is falling apart. August 5th!

The next big animated movie from Disney (after Pixar’s Lightyear this month) is Strange World. The film is a mix of classic 50s sci-fi with some of the best computer animation out of Disney in years. It looks so good! Another “journey” style film, it follows a cast of characters as they jump across time? dimensions? worlds? and discover some truly amazing things. It arrives exclusively in theaters this Fall.

More Netflix is good, and another new show they have coming with monsters in it is The Imperfects. It focuses on three folks who are turned into monsters and are now hunting the person responsible. It may be neat. It has monsters, and an aircraft carrier. What else do you need? You’re already paying for Netflix anyways.

The Predator prequel, Prey, is finally nearing launch. Set on Earth hundreds of years before the events of the first movie, it hopes to bring a bit of redemption to the film series, which hasn’t had a good entry since, well, the first one. It arrives on Hulu on August 5th.

Oh, and SURPRISE! There’s a Joker sequel in the works. The origin story was a fantastic film in 2019, and the sequel, titled Joker: Folie à Deux, will take another look at the character and the chaos that he’s brough to Gotham. There’s no release date, but there’s a script complete.