Bits and Bytes: News you may have missed over the last few Holiday weeks

Bits and Bytes: News you may have missed over the last few Holiday weeks

It’s been a slow week? Maybe not!

In the lead up to the holidays, a bunch of stuff actually *DID* happen and news did drop. To give a reminder of the news that came across our emails, tweets, and gaming platforms of choice, we’ve collected some of the more fun notable stuff that popped up.

Away we go!

Death Stranding film on the way

Hot off of the news of DS2, Hideo Kojima has revealed that a Death Stranding film is on the way. Speaking to Deadline about the partnership with Hammerstone Studios, the Game Designer/Creator/Savant noted that he was excited to bring the game to the big screen. The film is said to not be a giant, explosion-filled blockbuster, instead focusing on storytelling and character development a la Hammerstone’s other projects, such as this year’s Barbarian.

Sports Story surprise drops on Switch

We knew Sidebar Games’ Sports Story was set to finally arrive in December, but the game managed to squeak into our consoles right at the deadline. A launch date of December 23rd was revealed on a special series of mini Nintendo Indieworld videos last week. The Golf Story follow-up manages to keep 16-bit aesthetic and sports/RPG gameplay of its predecessor but now adds more sports and associated puzzles across its lineup, including biking, fishing, volleyball, tennis, and more. It’s available exclusively on Switch for $15.

Peppa Pig: World Adventures announced

Haha, yes, yes, we know: What? Listen, the previous Peppa Pig game, My Friend Peppa Pig, was stupidly charming, and actually managed to play like an episode of the TV series. It was a pretty decent point & click adventure game, and good for kids and drunk adults alike. It sold enough that Outright Games is dropping a sequel in 2023, announcing Peppa Pig: World Adventures. The game will take players to London, Paris, New York, and more places when it launches on every gaming platform under the seun next year.

Dust & Neon is launching in 2023 on PC & Switch

Rogue Games’ Dust & Neon was one of our favorite games of PAX West, landing in our top spot at the event. Now, a Switch version has been announced alongside PC. The game, a twin-stick shooter set in a wild Wild West, has J.J. pretty giddy.

Monster Hunter Rise finally coming to PlayStation and Xbox

MonHun Rise, one of the biggest games of the last couple of years, is formally making its way to other consoles. Breaking the chains of the Switch will let Capcom’s newest game in the series serve even more players who were waiting for the game. Expect it on January 20th on PlayStation, Xbox, and Game Pass.

Summer Game Fest Live will kick off on June 8, 2023

Summer Game Fest will be back for 2023, as Geoff Keighley’s now yearly showcase has announced the date of its big to-do event. The live show will take place June 8th, 2023, just a couple of days before E3 2023 is set to kick off as well. It looks like it will be a genuinely packed Summer of announcements.

Amazon Games to publish the next Tomb Raider game

We’ve been waiting for the next Tomb Raider game to be announced, and while we knew there was SOMETHING happening, now we know who will be putting it out into our eyes: Amazon. Yes, the company that’s been surprisingly successful with their gaming aspirations has announced it is publishing the next Tomb Raider from Crystal Dynamics. Using Unreal Engine 6, the game will be the first single-player focused project published by Amazon when it arrives… some day… on a bunch of different platforms (probably Xbox, PlayStation, and PC).