Classic shooter Terminal Velocity is making a comeback

Classic shooter Terminal Velocity is making a comeback

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The mid-90s were exploding with polygonal games. After Wolfenstein 3D and Doom kicked things off, the polygons made their way into space-faring excursions like Star Fox and Descent. Then racing games, and finally a mix of all of those things with Terminal Velocity in 1995.

While that specific game is still floating (speeding?) around, it was looking pretty rough on modern platforms. Thankfully, Ziggurat Interactive has partnered with the original team behind the game to bring it back with a nicely updated version.

Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition includes cleaned up visuals (reducing fog, going widescreen, increasing frame rates and updating textures and polygons) and updated audio (5.1 babyyyyy) to bring some much-needed quality of life improvements. It’s not a full-blown remake or a remaster, but it’s definitely some improvements that will make the ludicrously fast, incredibly dangerous shooter enjoyable for modern gamers.

Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition hits PC on March 14, with plans to land on consoles later. The nostalgia = hell yeah.