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April 16, 2009

The RS 100: Agents of Change (in Gaming)

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Written by: Ryan Gan

rs1001LTTP:  Respek knuckles are in order for game designers Shigeru Miyamoto (middle), Cliff Bleszinski (right), and Will Wright (left) for gracing the pages of the April 2, 2009 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.  Earlier this month, these three were included in the RS 100: Agents of Change.  Also included in this prestigious list: Barack Obama (1), Rachel Maddow (22), Trent Reznor (46), and Jack White (88).  At the 13-spot, Shigeru Miyamoto is praised for being “the Bob Dylan of video games.”  They say that his next move is to create a Moving Memo Pad, an animation program.  The Moving Memo Pad is a program that would allow players to create cartoons on the Nintendo DSi.  Homemade Dr. Katz episodes coming up!  Kidding, of course.  Written in the Rolling Stone issue is Miyamoto’s Key Quote:  “Video games are bad for you?  That’s what they said about rock & roll.”  Bitchin’.  Epic Games designer, CliffyB, secured number 73 for his work on Unreal Tournament and Gears of War.  In the issue, an anonymous message board poster said, “CliffyB is such a fag.”  CliffyB’s Key Quote?  “If I had a nickel for every time I was called a fag on the Internet, I could retire.”  Burn.  Not far behind is EA’s Will Wright at number 84.  Mr. Wright is honored for allowing gamers to create artificial life in The Sims and Spore.  Rolling Stones Magazine noted that Wright’s next move would be to cross over to television.  Perhaps that Sims movie or sitcom?   A Spore movie by Pixar?  We’ll see.

We here at SideQuesting give Shigeru Miyamoto, CliffyB, and Will Wright a round of e-applause for representing gaming culture in the RS 100.  Indeed, you are all heroes.

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