Now that you have iOS 9, here are the games to get

Now that you have iOS 9, here are the games to get


Another Fall, another launch of new iPhones. And another huge update to Apple’s mobile operating system. iOS 9 is now available to the public, and with it came a slew of improvements. More importantly, a growing list of games that support these improvements.

We’ve collected our favorites that are compatible with the OS, and now that you have a fancy new iPhone or iPad these are the perfect ones to show it off.

Read up, download away!

Rated 4+


AdVenture Capitalist (Free) – Business management sims can be fairly mind numbing, but when it takes place on Mars? Well, the only numbing might come from the red planet’s salty waters.

Floors (Free) – Endless runners are a dime a dozen, but the clean and high contrast visuals (and the idea of running between floors) in Floors is simple and addictive.

Astra ($2.99) – Gorgeous visuals and space-hopping physics make Astra worthwhile just to watch.

Breakneck (Free) – You always need a racing game to showcase the latest devices, and in this case Breakneck is more than worthy, channeling both Wipeout and F-Zero. And it incorporates Apple’s new ReplayKit, which saves the video & audio of games you’re playing to stream online.

Rated 9+

Lara Croft GO ($4.99) – A lot of people may have Metal Gear Solid as their Game of the Year, but Lara Croft GO is perhaps right there as well. It’s strategic take on raiding tombs is memorable and deeply engaging.

Battle Golf (Free) – It’s multliplayer retro action golf. How can you go wrong?

Heroki ($4.99) – If only SEGA’s other platforming mascot games were as well designed as their unique iOS ones.

Land Sliders (Free) – Land Sliders has a very casual feel, but the quality is high and the mindless repetitiveness works to its advantage as a game that welcomes grinding collection.

Rated 12+


Transistor ($9.99) – This PS4 action adventure game has made its way on to portable formats, and absolutely shines on the iPad and iPhone. It’s been optimized for touch controls but also allows for a separate game pad if desired.

Dungeon Hunter 5 (Free) – An overhead perspective on this online, competitive hack ‘n slash game lets us see the great visuals on our tiny new screens, while at the same time providing a ton of play modes to enjoy.

Lost Within ($6.99) – It’s October, so this horror-based adventure game from Amazon Game Studios fits right in. It incorporates tense moments and jump scares in an ethereal environment to keep us on the edge of our seats… with the lights on.

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist ($4.99) – It’s a silly little platformer based on real people who play games, but Brofist gives at least a light-hearted, entertaining experience.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Free) – The perennial CCG shines on iOS 9. It’s zippier on newer devices now, and with its huge new updates it can provide hundreds of hours of content.

Star Wars: Uprising (Free) – While this isn’t a new RPG in the vein of KOTOR, Uprising does a pretty good job of introducing an compelling plot and enjoyable characters. And, it’s the first game to be officially part of the new Star Wars canon, linking Return of the Jedi to Force Awakens. It incorporates co-op as well, in something that mirrors Mass Effect’s mission-based multiplayer.

Rated 17+

This War of Mine ($14.99) – Not only is This War of Mine novel in its execution of touch screen gameplay and people management, but it’s incredibly important in telling about the effects of war on not the soldiers but the innocent bystanders.

Kill Me Again: Infectors (Free) – Match 3 puzzle games are a hearty genre, made perfectly for mobile devices. Kill Me Again throws in zombies and online guilds into the mix to remain fresh.