Small DICE Team Working on Mirror’s Edge 2


Brace your asses. Mirror’s Edge 2 is on the radar.  At E3, had some time to speak with senior vice president at EA Games Europe, Patrick Soderlund.  What exactly was divulged about the sequel to EA’s 2008 title?  Soderland said that, “you will see another Mirror’s Edge for sure.  It’s just a matter of when that time is and what we do with it.  We have a small team on it and we’re excited with what we do.”

Now, your guess as to “what they do” is as good as ours.  We do hope that it resembles the game that at least one-third of the SideQuesting staff loved to death.  We’ll leave the deep “game theory” discussions about what a sequel to a game should be for the comments section.  For now, we’re just thankful (and excited) that some news about the “other ME2” came out of E3.

Mirror’s Edge 2 in the works?  Confirmed.  (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves)

[via EDGE]

[thanks, Mike W.]

Author: Ryan Gan

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