8-bit Week: Classic NES Speed Runs

One thing that classic, 8-bit games have over modern ones (for me at least) is that because I only bought a new one once every 6 or 7 months I had to really, really enjoy the ones that I had.  That included multiple replays of each game, trying to best my score each time.  Nowadays what keeps players coming back is compelling multiplayer experiences, like what the Call or Duty or Halo franchises have become so good at.

But it just doesn’t match to that older experience. I knew Double Dragon 2 was a horrible game, but we rented it 14 times in two years because it was basically all we had, and we were compelled to try and get better at it each time.

Luckily, speed runs have become a bit of the norm for classic gaming, much like high scores are for classic arcade games like Donkey Kong or Pac-man.  With Youtube we’re able to capture those experiences and now can share them online.  After watching some of these, I’m compelled to power up my dusty NES and give them another go.  The above clip is the world’s fastest Super Mario Bros speed run, clocking in at 4 minutes and 59 seconds

An incredible speed run of Battletoads, one of the most difficult games on the NES.  via FODA:

I always loved Contra, but I sucked at it. Someone, thankfully, was a lot better than me (via ):

Who could forget Chip n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers?  The game was great fun, and this speed run brings back so many memories of those damn acorns. via

Every time I played Mega Man 2, I always died when I made it to the giant dragon.  Heck, I think I only ever beat the game once regardless of how many infinite reincarnations it’s gone through.  did it under 40 minutes.

Batman.  I played through and loved Arkham Asylum a couple years ago, and with Arkham City about to drop on us I felt it timely to show this speed run of the original NES Batman game, based on the movie.  Though batman fights robots and cyborgs, it reaches a crescendo when the caped crusader murders the Joker at the end. Yup, Christian Bale would have loved this ending. via

Here’s a run of the classic Jackal that clocks in under 10 minutes. It’s a lot like Modern Warfare 2, except with statues that have turrets in them, and the ability to drive into houses. Via therealmerciless365

Are you a fan of classic speed runs?

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

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