Bettenhausen: Very good chance of Ignition revealing NGP game at E3

We’ve recently recorded the premiere episode of The Main Quest, with Gamasutra’s Leigh Alexander and UTV Ignition Entertainment’s Shane Bettenhausen, where we discussed El Shaddai.  We were given some new insight on the game and were even told of the possibility of Ignition announcing a new game.

One of the things that Bettenhausen mentioned on the podcast was Ignition’s next project, a game that “might be” for the NGP.  He said that Ignition “might announce” a game for Sony’s NGP at E3, but it would depend on Sony’s press conference plans. After the show, he further noted to us that there would be a “99% chance” of a game announcement.  Shane emphasized the “might” part of his statement, but 99% sounds like pretty good odds to us.  We’ll have to wait and see what Ignition does in the upcoming weeks.

Does the presence of an Ignition NGP game at E3 mean the presence of MORE NGP games at E3?

The first episode of The Main Quest should be posted later this evening.

[Update: It’s now up. Download it here.]

Author: Ryan Gan

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