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Fistful of Pixels Gun

Lemme tell you a tale about ol’ Barrel Boy, a tubby little fella with a heart as big as the heartwood his little barrel was carved outta. Well, he wore that wooden shell to and fro, shore to shore, winin and dinin on any ol’ victuals barrel boy could get his grubby little barrel mitts on. Ahh he loved that garment more then one should love a piece of clothin; it is a love most would never know. We are inundated with cotton tees and polos that wind up in our trash just as fast as when we first clicked “instant purchase” on Amazon. The respect man and barrel boy once held for the clothes on their back is long gone, lost to the shores of time.


Until now.

It''s so beautiful...

That’s right, Fistful of Pixels, in conjunction with Justin Russo’s brand new service, “Podshirting”, have created a hardy old rag to cloth your naked self. Indeed, this skin parchment wraps about your naked figure, whatever it may be, and turns you into a stylin cruiser. Imagine all this and more for the low price of $20 plus shipping and handling? Bargain central right there. Just click the link below to get a gander at this piece. And if you’ll be attending PAX East and watching  @FistfulofPixels on Twitter, you might be finding yourself capable of winnin one of these fine vestments yourself . Now I’ll just be on my way now, a simple mine prospecter headin out into the sunset.

Official Look Out, Barrel Boy! T-shirt

Justin Russo is an amazing artist with countless other designs that can be found at

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