The SideQuest Episode 403: Masters in Chief

The SideQuest Episode 403

Welcome to the SideQuest, your semi-weekly podcast devoted to gaming, culture, and gaming culture, with the often tangent.

Episode 403. Masters in Chief

In this episode: We share a heartwarming confessional session with Mike Bachmann about the trials and tribulations of Trials, invoke a no-crying rule during election day, plan Eric’s next 18 games (hint, they all involve sausage), and tell each other why delays are a good thing. Or, they’re not.


Dali, Steven, Eric, Mike



Intro: Gogol Bordello – Rebellious Love

Outro: Cake – Meanwhile, Rick James…

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Author: Dalibor Dimovski

Dali is the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of SideQuesting, as well as the co-Founder of CarDesignFetish and the founder of MakLink. Dali is also a car designer, deejay, and introductory beer-brewer.

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