Cyberpunk 2077 Trauma Team figures now available for pre-order

Cyberpunk 2077 Trauma Team figures now available for pre-order

Got the cash? These amazing Cyberpunk 2077 figures might be up your alley

CD Projekt Red has announced a highly-detailed Cyberpunk 2077 figure set. Depicting the fabled Trauma Team, they’re the ops that will show up on scene (3 minutes GUARANTEED) as shit is hitting the fan.

The figures aren’t cheap, though. Coming in at $350, the 15-inch figures are hand-painted and made of polystone, so they’ll last well into 2077 and beyond.

Orders are available now on CD Projekt Red’s web store. Here’s some of the PR for the figures:

“In Night City, a life of luxury needs protection of the highest caliber. Always on call, Trauma Team are the mobilized life savers of the biggest spenders and VIPs in town. And they’re worth every Eddie. This 15-inch, hand-painted figure shows them in action, fully equipped and ready to pull another Platinum member out of harm’s way and into the oh-so-sweet embrace of safety. On the Scene, Three Minutes Guaranteed Overdose, bullet wound, or unfortunate accident — or even all three at once, Trauma Team always respond with unrivaled speed and efficiency. So long as the cash keeps flowing. Here, they step right into the heart of another bad scene, their only goal: secure their customer patient by any means necessary.”