The Evening Report, January 17th, 2012: Halo 2, Fallout, Sonic the Hedgehog

Halo 2 PC servers shutting down next month


Yes, the day has finally come.

With a reported userbase of less than 20 members at any given time, the guys over at 343 Industries have decided to shut down the Halo 2 servers on PC. While I’m sure we’re all waiting to see if those hard core players will be able to pull a similar trick to stay on past the deadline like what happened on Xbox Live a few years ago, we’re probably all just heaving a sigh of relief that now, finally, a new Halo can come out.

Wait a second.

[Source: Kotaku]


Sonic & All-Stars Racing to feature three PC exclusive “characters”

This isn’t so much news as it is an old fashioned brain exercise. If I told you that the PC version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing featured three exclusive IPs to draw characters from, there’s a pretty good chance you’d guess Team Fortress 2 right off the bat. (That ish is in errthing.)

There’s a significantly lower chance you’d guess Total War: Shogun, but I guess it sorta makes sense. They tossed an actual Shogun in there. Now, the odds of anybody — anybody at all — guessing Football Manager are pretty much zero.

And yet, here we are.

[Source: Sega]


Bethesda might be making a Fallout TV show


Bethesda registered a ┬átrademark for “an on-going television program set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world.”

Now that the facts are out of the way, let us all gather around the un-detonated nuclear bomb and give thanks, for truly, any television version of a Super Mutant is going to look hilariously bad.

[Source: Eurogamer]


The Bones Zone


I got a cat a couple weeks ago. Turns out all the things do once they decide they don’t like to be cuddled anymore is eat and poop.

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