killzone mercenary

Killzone: Mercenary, the upcoming Vita installment of Sony’s flagship shooter series, was announced all the way back atĀ last year’s Gamescom.

As you would expect, the game came with its own shiny trailer and not much else. Unfortunately, said trailer was high on live-action video and low on actual gameplay. The trailer above, which has beenĀ making the rounds in Europe, is chock full of actual gameplay footage. It looks mighty impressive.

Will Guerilla Cambridge’s latest title be the first half-way decent first-person shooter on Sony’s portable powerhouse? Despite my guilt-ridden appreciation for the Killzone games, I certainly wouldn’t have thought so a few months ago. That being said, I may have just reconsidered my presumption. Hopefully it will continue to look this good up until its release sometime this year.

[UPDATE: Actually, according to IGN’s Greg Miller, it looks like the game is coming out September 17 of this year.]