PAX East 2013: Lost Planet 3 Hands-On


When Capcom announced plans to release another game in the Lost Planet series, we here at SideQuesting were a little confused. Neither of the first two games sold particularly well, and they weren’t all that good, either. So, we figured they must have really blown the doors off for this game for it to be made. From the looks of this demo, that isn’t the case

Lost Planet 3 serves as a prequel to the first game. You are put you in control of Jim, an Earth-born, middle-class guy that wants nothing more to do his job and get his pay. He is tasked with doing some dangerous work, navigating planet E.D.N.’s severe conditions in a giant mech that is used to mine energy and to lay pipe.

Jim grabs a hazard paying job from his boss for a task that one of his coworkers couldn’t complete because of the dangerous nature of the planet’s wildlife, the Akrid. When the hangar opens and Jim stomps out into the world in his mech, it is a truly great site. The ice formations and the light from a nearby star combine to have a particularly moody atmosphere.


In your adventure to the job site, Jim is attacked by the Akrid after his rig has frozen over. You will have to jump out of the mech and gun down several enemies while also shooting ice off the machine to get it moving again. In some cases you will be able to fight using the mech’s massive drill-claw. Doing so may be necessary for some enemies, as they may require you to attack both on foot, and in the mech.

There is nothing bad about the demo of Lost Planet 3 I played, but there was also nothing outstanding, either. While piloting the mech was fun, it very much felt like another game in the Lost Planet series. There isn’t much here if you aren’t already into the series, little is done to draw in new players. However, if you have already played the first two games, you may as well keep on going now.

Lost Planet 3 is due out June 25th for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Author: Eric Smith

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