The Evening Report, March 22, 2013: DuckTales, Deus Ex, and Diablo

timshafferducktalesI promise you, I did not intend for tonight’s title alliteration.

PAX East 2013 rages on, and I’m still here, playing with this new mechanical keyboard. My hands are typing on butter. Well, I mean to say typing on it is easy and soft, not greasy. I can never go back to those membrane, peasant-level keyboards.


Capcom Announces DuckTales Remastered, Brings Back Childhood Memories


Capcom announced a remake of 1989’s DuckTales, developed by WayForward Technologies, during its “World of Capcom” panel at PAX East 2013.

DuckTales Remastered includes hand-drawn characters in a 3D world, voice acting by Disney’s actors, and a remastered 8-bit soundtrack.

It will be available this summer for $14.99 on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, and $15 on the Wii U eShop.

If I go way back, to some of my early interactions with games, I remember the NES version of DuckTales. It was the weekend and I was allowed to rent one game only. I chose DuckTales. I booted it up, died multiple times on the first screen and pouted the rest of the weekend. I feel like I need to enact some kind of vengeance on the game that ruined 48 hours of my childhood.

[Source: Capcom]


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut is the Game You Wish You Played


If you played Deus Ex: Human Revolution last year, you would remember how disconnected its boss encounters felt to the rest of the game. They forced you to approach them in a specific way, when the rest of the game was about approaching things several different ways.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut, the upcoming Wii U version of the game will fix that. “You can deal with a boss fight in a stealth way, you can deal with a boss fight in a hacking way,” Emile Pedneault, Eidos Montreal game designer told Joystiq at PAX East 2013, “We even have for each boss fight a way to kill them without firing a single bullet.”

Eidos Montreal is co-developing the game with Straight Right, the studio who brought Mass Effect 3 onto the Wii U last year.

Square Enix has not announced a release date, however, when the game first leaked on Amazon, the digital retailer posted a May 7 release date on the product page. The page has since been taken down.

[Source: Joystiq]


Diablo 3 PS3 Loses Auction House, Playable Offline


The PlayStation 3 version of Diablo 3 will not include a real money auction house, according to a demo The PA Report played at PAX East 2013. Thus, it will be playable offline in both singleplayer, and four-player co-op.

“There were some technical reasons we had to go with offline,” Lead Designer Joshua Mosqueira told The PA Report, “but again once you have an offline experience, even if we wanted to bring in the auction house, it just becomes problematic. How do you validate? How do you make sure there is no duping or any of that stuff?”

Since the game won’t connect to, it’s unclear if it will include a gold auction house.

Blizzard refused to talk about the PlayStation 4 version of the game, and it was being sly about the game’s availability on other consoles, saying, “We don’t have any announcements to make at this time … But we’re not necessarily a Sony exclusive.”

I wonder how Blizzard will handle patching the console versions of the game. And, if the leaked product schedule is to be believed, how will it release expansions?

[Source: The PA Report]


Tyler’s Thing


Lalalalalalalala! I will not let you tell me about Saints Row IV and Transistor at PAX East 2013! I don’t usually go on media blackouts for games, especially because I often have to write about them, but I am going to try my hardest to learn as little as possible about The Next Game In The Saints Row Series, as for Transistor, I bet I’ll cave at some point.

Like I said last week, I’m going silent on anything BioShock: Infinite until I’ve completed it. Reviews hit on Monday, which means scores and impressions will be let loose on the internet. Unfortunately, the only way I’ll avoid seeing a score is to quit the internet, and that’s just not happening. Wish me luck!

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