SideQuesting’s Most Anticipated Games of E3 2013: The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past 2

Link to the Past 2


SideQuesting has a list! Just like any other good website looking for easy views and comment wars, we’ve assembled a mega list of the games that we’re most excited about for E3 2013. There are several, and we *hope* that they’re all awesome. I guess we find out in a week! Anyhoo, enjoy our Most Anticipated Games of E3!

We need to get something out of the way first. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is the greatest Zelda game — nay, the GREATEST GAME PERIOD — ever. There. All better. Now we can talk about the totally amazing, awesome, happy face inducing news that there is going to be a direct console sequel to the game! Granted, Link’s Awakening was the first *real* sequel, and it’s a great game in its own right, but this… THIS… was fantastic news when it was revealed a couple of months ago.

The original LTTP had terrific touches that still remain memorable today: the opening thunderstorm sequence, the first time in the dark world, the terrific sidequests. They were only possible because of the game’s wonderfully-designed version of Hyrule, and this sequel aims to take that same world and upgrade it with modern visuals. But so what? Anyone who complains about that — ahem, STEVEN — is a cotton-headed ninny muggins.

Link to the Past 2

Verticality is key in the new game

The game will have two new focuses, too. First, it’s going to be very “vertical”, meaning that movement will take place across multiple floors on the same screen, as opposed to having to go around and up ladders. Puzzles will only be solved by hopping (or bouncing) up and down in each stage. This should be a treat in 3D. Second, the new “Link drawing” mechanic, where Link becomes a sort of hieroglyphic and traverses walls to solve puzzles, is very novel and a simple idea that could open the door for all kinds of new experiences in the series.

Rumors suggest that this game started as a 3D remake of the original Link to the Past, with the developers finding cool things to do with the new hardware and 3D, but that’s fine by us. Just to be in that world again, to hear that music and see the sites, to visit Kakariko village and Death Mountain, is probably going to be enough to more than satisfy any Zelda fan. Bring it on. I know I’m ready.

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

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