Hot Take: Clustertruck

I’m gonna keep it short and sweet here. Clustertruck is ridiculous, and fun. It’s ridiculous fun. It’s fun on your own, and it’s fun taking turns with friends, and it’s fun streaming to the internet. It’s also surprisingly difficult. Jump from moving truck to moving truck in a sea of moving trucks, earning points for style, air time, tricks, and level completion. Accrue these points and unlock abilities to let you do more risky, and more rewarding maneuvers to reach the goal.

The music’s on point, too. I don’t know what it is about this particular soundtrack, but it’s just perfect for leaping from truck to truck, like some kind of truck leaping superhero. Maybe you wanna pretend you’re called Truckman while playing it. Honestly, you do you. It couldn’t hurt, because while the first ‘world’ of levels is on the easier side of things, it very quickly reaches a brutally hardly seen outside of grindcore games like Super Meat Boy.

Luckily, doing well earns you points, which you can use on those abilities I mentioned. They aren’t just for show. You — or, at least, I — use them very quickly, and very often, and still I’ve hit a wall, but I can’t put the game down. it’s an ice wall. A literal ice wall that descends from the heavens. While you are trying to dodge bracing logs. In a tunnel. Of death.

It’s really, really fun.

If you want an idea of how frenetic the game play gets, I used my considerable, frankly astonishing video editing skills to make a video of the thought process that happens while playing.

Enjoy it, and then enjoy Clustertruck. Don’t sleep on this one, especially if you’ve ever found yourself sitting back, wanting something to play, but not willing to invest in something more story driven. This one’s your answer.

Oh, and just in case you can’t get enough? It’s got a really robust level editor.

Author: Erron Kelly

Reach backwards through the entire recorded history of our species, take every account of every game ever played by humankind, and average it out into one wholly unremarkable individual, and you will discover this man. He has written online for Game on Mac, Armless Octopus, and SideQuesting.

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