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The SideQuest April 28, 2016: PAX East and NX feast

The team is back from PAX East and we have a lot of games they want to talk about! We also chat about the big Nintendo NX and Zelda Wii U news!

Nintendo reveals more Splatoon amiibo, including the Squid Sisters

Popular musical act gets figurines, with musical unlockables

We hear voices: Whispers of the Old Gods is here

MASSIVE changes come to the popular game that could insure a unique competitive scene going forward

[PAX East 2016] Livelock preview: Three’s company, force a crowd

Mix a little bit of Diablo with Dead Nation, arcade with challenge, Livelock is born.

[PAX East 2016] Dead by Daylight preview

Elevator pitch for Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight? It’s the asymmetrical, human team vs. powerful killer gameplay of Evolve filtered through the horror movie genre.

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