Are You Down With OPP?

Are You Down With OPP?


Not that the 90’s hip hop group was bad or anything, we’re just focusing on the OTHER OPP: Other People’s Podcasts.  Like many of you faithful readers, I listen to a plethora of gaming podcasts each week… sometimes to the point where I have several hundred backlogged on my iPhone (plug!) with the understanding that I might possibly never even listen to them.  But how do we discern what listening experiences are any good, and how do we find other podcasts (beside our own WONDERFUL SideQuest podcast) that merit listening to?

This is where you come in!  Do you listen to any good gaming-related podcasts?  Drop us a line in the comments below, or send us a message and tell us your faves.  Or better yet, do you star in your very own videogame podcast and want to pimp it on our site?  Drop us a jingle just the same.

Here are the four areas we will be looking at when reviewing said ‘cast:

Entertainment Value – How good is the podcast to listen to?  Is it boring?  Is it energetic?

Original Content – Does the podcast rehash information that every other gaming podcast does?  Do you have something original or fresh to say?  How does it relate to your website?

Production Value – Are you recording from a bunker or a studio?  How easy is it to listen to, and how good are the production values?

Cast Members – Are your cast members good?  Do they bring something new to the podcast?

So get to it, and start suggesting!

*Note: Review areas subject to change depending on necessity/podcast type.