Nissan-Branded Gran Turismo 5 Demo Coming Dec 17


What’s this?  A Gran Turismo 5 demo coming before the end of the year?  Preposterous!  We don’t even know when the game will arrive on our shores!

Well, you’re reading correctly!  Sony have announced that a special mini-demo of the racer will be released on December 17th for owners of the PS3.  It’s not so much a demo as it is a marketing tool for Nissan, but by utilizing the visuals and engine of the upcoming GT5 it is the closest we will get until at least March (when the game releases in Japan).

Dubbed the “Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Challenge” the minigame features the Nissan 370z in two flavors, tuned and stock, and one track.  Each version of the 370Z has a specific time trial on the track, and by becoming the player with the best combined time trials by January 25th one person will win the “ultimate GT fan’s grand prize”: a trip for two to the Indy 500 in May to watch the glorious races, access VIP areas, and hang out in the winner’s circles.

The game will be available to download from Dec 17th until Jan 25, but those who have it can keep it past that date.

So, while not really a “demo” per se, it’s still the first free look at GT5 you’ll have until… well, we have no idea.