Game On! The Inaugural Edition

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Game On! Our goal is to highlight some of our readers’ interesting, unique or just plan sweet gaming setups. Gamers tend to customize their gaming space to fit their personal tastes; what does yours look like? What is the prize possession of your collection? In between mashing the F5 button to get the latest E3 news these next few weeks, snap a few shots of your gaming setup and let us know about gear.

SQ: What is your setup?
John: My setup consists of a 37 inch LCD TV, 5.1 surround sound system, Xbox 360, Kinect, Xbox HD-DVD drive and PlayStation 3 on the console side of things. All of this is located in my man cave above the garage.

SQ: Plastic accessory count?
John:Rock Band drum set, two RB guitars, two USB microphones, Hori Fighting Stick, Dance Dance Revolution pad, Xbox Vision Camera, Tony Hawk Ride board and Scene It! controllers.

SQ: What do you do with your old games?
John: I keep all of my old games and tend to loan them out to friends and family.

SQ: Favorite game in your collection?
John: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 would have to be the favorite game in my collection. I have probably logged more hours with that game than any other in the last 10 years.

SQ: What is the most shameful game in your collection?
John: Tony Hawk Ride. I’ve loved hoverboards since I saw Back to the Future and the board that comes with Ride really reminded me of one. When I saw the combo on clearance at Best Buy a few months back for $25, I just had to buy it.

SQ: Favorite non-gaming use of your consoles?
John: Windows Media Center and Netflix are my two most used features of my Xbox 360. I have a computer with two TV tuners and have replaced all the cable boxes in the house with Xbox 360s.

SQ: What is your gaming chair of choice?
John: A love seat that I picked up from the local Goodwill a few years back.

SQ: Do you stray to the PC? Setup? Favorite game?
John: Yup. My PC setup is a 26 inch LED monitor, two 19 inch monitors and a modest Intel dual core system. Civilization V and StarCraft 2 have consumed most of my time recently; at least until Diablo 3 is released.

SQ: Favorite gaming grub?
John: Zen Garden trail mix, IBC root beer as well as good old fashion beer.

SQ: What is your gamer tags if other want to hang with a cool cat like you?
John: Parie Dawg (XBL, PSN, Steam)

Email johnp(at)sidequesting(dawt)com if you would like to show off your gaming setup.