Dystopia: Vehicle Design Competition

Dystopia: Vehicle Design Competition

Dystopia Design Competition

It’s hard to pinpoint what the future holds for mankind. Should we visit our local movie theater or play a game on our Xbox 360, media will tell us to be expecting it to be fairly bleak. Whether it’s an outbreak of zombies or the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse, a variety of methods are employed to showcase the downfall of society into a dystopia. Pivotal to man’s survival almost always seems to be the vehicles that we will be driving.

Our latest design competition aims to let us see just what those vehicles might be. SideQuesting is proud to announce Dystopia: Vehicles for a Future Imperfect, a vehicle competition that tasks our readers to create the cars, trucks, and road monsters that will let us survive the new world. Oh, and there are some great prizes, too!

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Mad Max Interceptor

Participants in this competition are asked to envision a vehicle that will fit in to the post-apocalyptic future of 2025 in which gangs run the streets, the government has become oppressive, and survival is key. Design themes can include (but are not limited to) self-protection, ruggedness, and speed. The vehicles can be all-new designs or, like the Mad Max Interceptor, based off of existing vehicles. There are three elements to keep in mind that each design MUST incorporate: the vehicle must be “bad ass”, it must have a minimum of 3 wheels, and it must have a “used” appearance. These are not cars that sit in a showroom, they are driving around on dusty roads and are often shot full of bullet holes.

Designs MUST be submitted in 11×17 tabloid format JPEG or TIFF files. No computer data renderings, such as Alias or 3D Studio Max, will be accepted. We want to see you sketch! You can use pencil and paper, canson, paint, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, etc. DO NOT use software to edit a pre-existing image/photograph… these must be ORIGINAL pieces of work for this project.

You may submit as many concepts as you’d like, with a maximum of two images per concept.

post-apocalyptic vehicle

We will post the entries as they come in, in special galleries. For previous competitions, please see our Light Cycle and Hot Rod competitions for reference. Want some reference? Check out movies like Mad Max, Death Race or Book of Eli to put you in the mood, or play games like Fallout or Borderlands. We will be picking one winner for the US and one International winner via jury of judges.

US Prizes include

International Prizes include

Good Luck!

Borderlands vehicle

Contest Rules

  • Contest starts Today, Monday, September 26th.
  • Submissions due by Tuesday night, October 18th, at 11:59PM PDT
  • Winner announced on Friday, October 21st
  • Format: JPEG or TIFF file
  • Submit as often as you’d like, as there is no limit.
  • Send sketches to: sidequesting@gmail.com
  • Prizes for US and International winners are listed above. No substitutions.
  • All qualifying submissions will be posted in a gallery.
  • Please see our official Contest Rules for more information.
More inspiration
Rage vehicle
Death Race Ram Truck
Death Race Mustang

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Death Race (Universal Studios)
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